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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject server tuning
Date Fri, 15 Mar 1996 23:24:28 GMT

The last message was supposed to be a private email...I figure I'll make 
things worse by sending an applogy to the alias, but I hope while it may 
increase the intensity of the flames, it may reduce the number.  Sorry.

But I'll make it OK by adding content :)

I've been thinking of putting together a series of erver tuning pages for
each of the various OSs on which apache runs.  I know there are bits a
peices of this around, but I don't know of one place. 

1) If there is a place, tell me so I don't need to do anything.

2) If not, I'll sign up for Solaris, but I need volunteers for other
   Operating systems.


Cliff Skolnick                            

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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