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Subject What was build ?...
Date Mon, 04 Mar 1996 19:46:07 GMT

Just a minor niggle ?

What was finally build intop the newversion ? The
one I just pulled down (through a proxy so I might be
wrong as its caching is fucked up) did not have the
md_auth_msql build in, and the module in contrib is not the
new(er) one I submitted with the checking. Furthermore
mod_auth_anon was missing as well ?

And would it be possible to move apache-msql-demo.tar.gz
to some sensible visible location ? Again I could not find
this in my view of the contrib directory. Or did I miss
some mail. ?

Or did I screw up once more and look in the wrong plazces.

B.t.w. who is here at the IETF in LA ?


+39 332 78 1322                                 +39 332 78 9549
                                            fax +39 332 78 9185

ISEI/ESBA;                     The Center For Earth Observation
Joint Research Centre of the European Communities, Ispra, Italy

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