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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Sioux (good grief...)
Date Mon, 25 Mar 1996 19:17:28 GMT

My thoughts...

More fruits and nuts always make for a better salad.  I don't see 
anything explicitly *wrong* with this, though I'm not sure why they saw 
the need to do a complete rewrite of Ben's code and keep it private.  
They certainly are taking the minimalist participant role, by using the 
code for profit and not contributing anything.  However, I think it'll 
come back to bite *them* - I for one do not see what they offer above 
either Ben's or Sameer's packages, and I don't think that would change if 
I were outside the US either.  I guess I'd just like to hear an informal 
statement from them as to the hows and whys of the decisions they've 
made, but as the license goes, it's not something we require.  I bet at 
least half of us have custom Apache modules we've hacked and haven't 
contributed back to the project, and even used those proprietary hacks as 
selling points for our business.  It's something we've given up for wider 
acceptance and use of the code.  So, I'm not uncomfortable with the 


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