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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Patches patched... or something
Date Fri, 01 Mar 1996 22:49:50 GMT
On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Aram Mirzadeh wrote:

> Actually, no I must have missed that one...  I get 300-400 emails a day, not
> sure if that's too much for everyone else or not, but it's just about enough
> for me.  So sometimes I just can glace at an email before discarding it, 
> specially if it's a mailling list.. but if you send it to me specificly
> it always get's read.  I'm not sure what the solution here is, but I'm sure
> what we're doing isn't the right one.  I don't think a patch should be 


> vetoed, or not used because it doesn't work on a first glace.  I thought the
> whole idea behind going to CVS would be that the work around of the same
> patch would go faster, than I sumbit a patch, it fails on 2 platforms, I
> resumbit it, it stops working on another platform, and then 3rd sumbittion 
> of the same patch works for all.... this would have taken 2 weeks on the 

And we've only spent five days, so we must be doing *something* right.

> previous voting system.  With cvs it should be I sumbit a patch a coupel of
> days go by, we stop for a couple of days for everyone to checkout the latest
> test, and apply any patches they need for their system.  Then vote on the
> entire disterbution, and see if anything needs to be taken out.  


> Don't you think we should only incorporate the major changes in to the 
> /CHANGES file?  Each small patch should only update the headers of the 
> file they're updating.. no?

Well, here's my point - the way CVS works, each change, even if it applies
to multiple files, is applied at once. The script that mails changes to
apache-cvs, for example, mails one email for each commit, no matter how
many files. That same script could generate a CHANGES file, no?

BTW, is Brian around anywhere? It would be nice if I could get added to the people allowed to post to apache-cvs. 
Aram's been added to the people who can commit, so he should be too. Hmm. 
According to /etc/group, the cvs group consists of paul, ben, mjc,
hartill, rst, randy, awm, andrew, drtr, akosut and mjc. How about we just
add all those people right now to prevent hassle later? Or not.

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