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From Nathan Schrenk <>
Subject Re: Just when you thought you were safe
Date Thu, 07 Mar 1996 17:36:56 GMT
On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:

> I said ouch ... those spinning cogs make my eyes hurt. Damn things spin so
> fast over a good network as to make them a blur.
> What a huge waste of network bandwidth.

Actually, I believe that the speed of your network has very little to do 
with how fast the cogs spin -- the animations aren't server-push 
animations.  They are GIF89 animations; multiple frames are stored in one 
GIF file and Netscape Navigator animates them locally.  The images are 
repeatedly read from the cache and animated, but are only fetched from 
the HTTP server once.  So the network bandwidth that is "wasted" is not 
quite as severe as one might be led to believe...


Nathan Schrenk
Neoglyphics Media Corp.                    

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