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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Problems with documentation (fwd)
Date Mon, 01 Apr 1996 06:15:33 GMT
> Is this an Apache-SSL thing?
> I've seen another comment about all the config stuff being in
> one file and thought it was a mistake...

Hmmm ... well, yes, Apache-SSL does come with empty access.conf and srm.conf

However, I don't think that is this guy's problem.

Anyway, it states quite clearly on the Apache-SSL page that I will support it
in exchange for money. But this guy seems to think I should do it just to make
him happy.



> not acked.
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> Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 02:21:50 -0500
> From: Karl Waddell <>
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> Subject: Problems with documentation
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> To whom it may concern:
> This is not a flame mail, rather contructive criticism. I was searching 
> for a cheap commerce server alternative to the Netscape server, (high 
> price) and I ran across your server listing in yahoo. I decided to give 
> it a try. I found the access slow(on an internal network), and have had 
> problems configuring the darn thing. The installation creates the 
> httpd.conf, access.conf, and srm.conf files but only the httpd.conf file 
> has any data in it. On top of this it also contains data that should 
> reside in the access.conf and srm.conf files. I tried to move those 
> options over to the correct files and recieved nothing but a server 
> configuration error when trying to execute my cgi scripts. I gave it a 
> try for a couple of weeks, looking at your online docs and information I 
> had from my previous test server NCSA. You documentation is sparce 
> regarding errors, and the news groups take too long to receive an answer 
> if at all. I think if you want to beat Netscape on the SSL side you 
> should beef up your support for the product. Netscape can provide 
> imediate technical support for all of the server product or can at least 
> reserch the matter. I did post an email to apache and all I recieved was 
> a reply stating I should use this generic access.conf file. You will not 
> top Netscape without some better support. I wish you luck in your goal, 
> but, I have decided to abandon apache, at least until better support 
> becomes available, in favor of NCSA's for inhouse testing. I will not 
> support clients who wish to install your product, because I can not 
> support it!!! If better support does become available I will take 
> another look at Apache, but not right now.
> Good Luck
> Karl Philip Waddell
> President 
> The Virtual City Inc.
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