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From Rob Hartill <r...@IMDb.Com>
Subject Apache web site & Sioux (fwd)
Date Thu, 28 Mar 1996 22:39:12 GMT

first they nick your code then they ask for credit :-)

If someone else wants to answer it, then feel free, otherwise
let me know what I should tell him.

My gut feeling is that unless it's free and source is available
AND developement is somehow tied in (aka related) to Apache, then
it's not suitable for inclusion on the "related project" page.

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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 00:27:46 +0200
From: Mark Shuttleworth <>
Organization: Thawte Consulting cc
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Subject: Apache web site & Sioux
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Hi Rob

Thawte Consulting will be releasing the final version of
Sioux,  a commercial Apache derivative with SSL support,
builting CGI language (Python) and strong client authentication
and filtering.

Would it be reasonable to ask for a link on the "Related 
Projects" part of the Apache web site?  Who do I need to contact?


Mark Shuttleworth
Thawte Consulting cc.
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