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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Obscure MTU problem
Date Tue, 26 Mar 1996 18:24:33 GMT
>   Do they? Grrrrrk.
> Yep... see for the
> nasty details.          
> The irony here is that Microsoft has been pitching itself to the
> stylesheets-and-SGML crowd as having wised up to the error of its
> former ways and become much more friendly to the standards process.
> (They have in fact, stopped barely short of claiming outright to be
> defending the standards process against the encroachment of Netscape).
> This has always looked to me like a temporary marketing ploy, rather
> than a true change of heart, but even so, you'd *think* they'd know
> enough not to do an old-style bait-and-switch with their *networking*
> API "standard" while they're at it...

As a client of mine says: "You have to remember that Microsoft is primarily
a marketing and not a technical company. Technical matters are about fifth on
their list of priorities".



> rst

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