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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Additional comments on the Host: header.... (fwd)
Date Tue, 19 Mar 1996 08:04:49 GMT
> Everyone in the http-wg that I've ever talked to believes that the "new"
>   GET HTTP/1.1
> form is fundamentally neater and cleaner.  The two likeliest proposals
> both require its support (those from Klensin and from Jim Gettys, the
> current editor of the draft); the only question, I believe, is whether
> 1.1 servers will be *allowed* to support the "old form" as well, or
> *required* to return an error.
> (The Gettys proposal is to grandfather acceptance of the old form for
> HTTP/1.0 clients, but to require full URIs from any client which claims
> to be HTTP/1.1, and bounce any client that tries "GET /foo HTTP/1.1"
> with a 400 Malformed Request.  Klensin doesn't even want to grandfather
> the old form --- which strikes me as an utterly lousy idea, which will
> simply guarantee that otherwise conforming servers drop this one item
> on the floor and thereby devalue the whole notion of conformance.  But
> hey, I'm just a random grad student at the AI lab.  What do I know?
> At any rate, it may be worth polling the group about this issue --- if
> there is a strong consensus among *us* in favor of grandfathering, then
> given our "market" position, that may have some influence on the WG.
> Maybe.  Maybe not ;-).

The WG can decide what they want. I, for one, will veto any change to Apache
which breaks HTTP/1.0 clients.



> rst

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