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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Sceduling
Date Sun, 17 Mar 1996 20:11:43 GMT


As the URC/IAFA channel was getting seriously I've added the long
overdue queue. Please note that if you send something down into
the process channel: (This mainly due to the heavier free text
indexing.. it takes up to 2 minutes for a 80k html edit file to
have the 100-status code returned to the client).

	- its URN/URC pair will be updated/checkd and go 
	  into the mSQL table 
	- it will go into the master depository and has
	  the modified stuff set.

	- Connected webbodies, images and shopsigns are
	  processed up to storage.

This implies that a forward to http:/construct/ is 

	- the actual dispatching is queued !

unless you (un)set the main::queue flag (see I am
not aware of any scripts which rely on immediate processing, but
I am biased here.

Currently the queue is checked every 15 seconds, and dispatchers
are kicked off every 5 seconds.

Hope this does not break things. We ought to write a real sceduler
at some stage; but I'd hate to reinvent the wheel. There must be
something neat and lightweight we can do with crons/ats.


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