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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: slight API change
Date Sun, 10 Mar 1996 15:14:21 GMT
> >In reply to Aram Mirzadeh who said
> >> 
> >> Hmm... should we ask to have a patch number included in each of the commit
> >> entries made so we all know what patch we're talking about?   So if you want
> >> to commit a patch, in your log entry, add ( PATCH 1.1b0a - #1234 )  - list
> >> of changes, and other info?
> >> 
> >> Otherwise how are we going to know which patch we're voting on?
> >
> >I don't see it working like that. When it comes to voting on the suitability
> >of the tree for a snaphsot release you either think it's basically in
> >good shape or you don't. if you don't think it's in good enough shape to
> >release then simply state why you think so. There won't be any need to
> >specify the exact commit that you disagree with.
> This completely ignores a very important method of Apache testing; other
> programmers actually examining the changes that a patch makes.
> This validation is quite different from simple minded testing of an
> Apache distribtion as a black box; whilst more time consuming it can
> result it a better product.
> With CVS, programmers have to actively find someone to look at their code;
> previously the diffs were easily available to all for other programmers
> to examine.

They are still available for all other programmers - using cvs rdiff. In order
to reduce the load on hyperreal it might be good to make the diffs available
for ftp - perhaps automatically on each commit, or perhaps a "round up" of
diffs at regular intervals?

Every time I come to doing a cvs update, I also look at the code changes. I
assume that others do, too.

Also, at each release, we will, presumably, look at the combined diffs from the
previous release, dissect out any bits that are dubious, and vote on the
resulting collection. I admit that this may be slightly less convenient than
the old method, but I feel we are compensated by the increased convenience of
the rest of the stages.

BTW, if there are any diffs lying around which people want committed, please
let the committers know.



>  David.

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