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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Windoze and KeepAlive
Date Wed, 06 Mar 1996 15:36:01 GMT
> So,
> Has anyone else tried the Windoze (3.1) Netscape against 1.1b? Does KeepAlive
> work ok? That is, when it times out, does the next access work? Coz it
> certainly doesn't here. Further investigation has revealed nothing useful.
> So the question is, what is at fault, Netscape, Windoze TCP/IP or SCO??

Well, actually ... I got inspired and put a network sniffer on it. It would
seem that what happens is that Apache shuts the connection, and sends <FIN>,
which Windows <ACK>s (implying delivery of an EOF to Netscape). However,
Netscape does not close its end of the connection. It then attempts to use it
to send the next request (which is actually legal - however, a response to it
would not be :-), eliciting an <RST> from Apache (or rather Unix), which seems
to cause Netscape to just sit there forever.

This is highly uncool behaviour on the part of Netscape. I wonder how we tell
them about it, coz it really means that a server with KeepAlive switched on
either must put up with open-forever connections, or else look like crap
because it appears to hang sometimes. Which means that KeepAlive will be
switched off, mostly, which is a Bad Thing.

I suppose that now that our server is the one their browser is most likely to
talk to they ought to pay a little attention  ;-)



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