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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Patches patched... or something
Date Fri, 01 Mar 1996 14:21:37 GMT
> > I agree that the version should say 1.1-dev. We also need to add Id lines to
> > all the files so that RCS version numbering is visible in them. I'd leave
> > the SERVER_VERSION string at 1.1-dev until such time as we move into
> > a beta cycle and date stamp snapshots as I mentioned in previous mail (did
> > people get that, never saw any folloups).
> Got it. Seems fine. (I'm one of the swamped ones....)
> CVS questions:
> I have no problem doing a checkout on hyperreal.
> I do have a problem doing the following executed on my machine:
> => cvs -nt -d checkout apache
>  -> Starting server: /usr/local/bin/ssh cvs server 
> Usage: cvs [cvs-options] command [command-options] [files...]
>     Where 'cvs-options' are:
> 	...
>     and where 'command' is:
> 	...
> cvs [checkout aborted]: premature end of file from server

I'll bet "server" is not amongst the commands. This means you are attempting
to run /usr/bin/cvs rather than /usr/local/bin/cvs. Which implies a PATH

> Ideas? The ssh succeeds. Attempting to run 'cvs server' on
> hyperreal just hangs.

Hmm - this would suggest that the path with ssh does not match the telnet
path. Whoops!

> Also, hints/comments on the following.
> I would like to be able to checkout the current tree and import it
> into my local CVS database. Being able to then checkout a local
> copy and diff against my local working copy. There are things like
> setuid() changes in my stuff that I would want to keep out of patches
> created to send back to the hyperreal database.

Good question, and one I'd like to know the answer to, as well.

> Last...
> Would it not be a good idea to create an apache_test branch that
> would allow some of us to fumble without the risk of trashing
> the working branch?  I have visions of greased poles, etc. if I
> pooch the working branch....

The snag is that it will be lots of work to keep the apache_test branch up to
date. It will also make the repository much bigger.

If you are hesitant about applying patches directly to the tree, then continue
to submit patches in the old way (well, nearly the old way - the patches should
be against the most recent possible version, instead of the previous release).
That way they will be reviewed before being applied. We are supposed to
continue to support this method of working, so feel free to use it.




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