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Subject Re: Server APIs in the news
Date Sat, 30 Mar 1996 06:32:19 GMT
> Asusming Apache continues to climb in the Netcraft Server Survey
> when the April stats come out on Sunday?, we should have a press
> release ready to send to the likes of c|net and webreview.
> Who's good a bullshitting and has a few minutes to waste on it?

	Wow, it's almost April already. Time flies. I can write a
release, if people want me to. I have a few contacts at webreview now,
and have been hammering c|net with press releases for a while. (Met a
webreview person at CFP this last week, actually.)

> It can mention the upcoming NT port and some of the cute features
> in the pipeline. These things usually have a quote from someone.
> Who wants their 15 minutes of fame? Alexei's been working above and
> beyond the call of duty recently, I think it'd be a nice touch to
> let him have a quote.

	If folks want me to write the release, anyone who wants to be
quoted should send me a quote. I'll put everything together.

> rob

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