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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src http_main.c
Date Fri, 29 Mar 1996 12:24:40 GMT
Mark J Cox wrote:
> > jim         96/03/28 11:47:44
> >   Reset STATUS counters for dead servers
> See http://www.apacheorg/docs/1.1/mod_status.html under "Notes":
> 	Notes
> 	When a child dies (it may have a bug or you may have limited the
> 	number of transactions per child)
> 	the statistics for it remain. This is so we don't lose track of how many 
> 	accesses and bytes we have served. 
> Please read any docs and let us have a little more discussion before
> applying a change like this to the CVS tree.  The original mod_status was
> reviewed over 2 weeks before being committed.

S'funny... I never saw it before. Where exactly was it reviewed? Was a patch
submitted to everyone to look at and make comments on? If so, I must have
missed it big time.

Nevertheless, I still think that the only really useful thing that the
status monitor gives us is insight into what each individual process is
doing. And a comment like the above really belongs in the code as well
so people who are looking at the code can see what's happening. If all
we are interested in is the totals, then why bother reporting what each
SLOT in the scoreboard contains (recall that SLOTS != child processes,
since slots are reused) because it just confuses the issue and really doesn't
make sense.

Also, as mentioned before, I'm working on some minor patches that provides
both numbers, at the cost of some little extra space in the scoreboard.
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