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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject New Status Module question
Date Thu, 28 Mar 1996 19:31:09 GMT
I think the new status module is quite slick. Great job!

Gotta quick question though... I noticed then when a child process is
killed, the 'access.count' counter isn't reset. So, when you get the full
status information, you see the counts, last access, etc.. of child
processes that are "currently dead" (not processes that have always been
dead). All other processes are shown as '[Write]', '[Read]', etc, but
these just-dead processes aren't described '[]' at all. For example,
the status screen may indicate 15 running processes but print out the
info on 20, 5 of which are now dead...

As a strictly cosmetic point should:

   1. The status module reset the access count to 0 when it detects
      a "killed/waited-for" child?
   2. Should the loop (below) in the code Note "currently dead" ?

Both points have their merits... #1 may seem more consistant since
after all, the entry in the scoreboard "file" will point to a new process
and the counters should be reset at that point...

		switch (score_record.status) {
		    rputs("Currently Dead",r);
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