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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject few bugs, questions, queries.
Date Wed, 27 Mar 1996 19:17:54 GMT

This is the author of the previously posted, code cut.  Can someone else
help him with this?  Maybe just even tell him how to join the list itself. 

>From: Russell McOrmond <>

>  I sent in a report.  This is with HTTP Authenticate Basic, not with the 
>SSL based authentication.
>  The bugs were a few:
>   a) We were getting odd requests where the browser was getting "Your 
>browser sent a request that the server did not understand".  I sent you 
>an Email copy of a posting I made to comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix 
>about this one - I'm now not convinced that it is an Apache bug, but a 
>Netscape browser bug - I need someone to confirm this.
>  b) Some requests were being honored for HTTP Basic authenticate areas, 
>but the username in the logs was not correct:
>  Here are some log cuts:
>A good request - /private/ is protected with:
><DIRECTORY /home/plcom/data/private>
>Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
>AuthType Basic
>AuthDBMUserFile /home/plcom/data/admin/data/useraccess
>AuthDBMGroupFile /home/plcom/data/admin/data/useraccess
>#AuthUserFile /home/www/conf/.htpasswd
>#AuthGroupFile /home/www/conf/.htgroup
>AuthName Private PLCOM information.
><Limit GET POST>
>require group private
>order allow,deny
>allow from all
>  Note - AuthUserFile has also been used with the same results!
> - lamothe [14/Feb/1996:16:29:31 -0500] "GET
/private/archives/summary/ebfeb01.wpd HTTP/1.0" 200 24576
>  A request that may be a problem with the Netscape 1.22 (Windows, 16 bit) 
>browser:  ('map' is of course not a proper request...)
> - - [14/Feb/1996:16:29:49 -0500] "map" 400 -
>  This is an Apache bug, as there is no user 'ul04-95' (Although that is 
>part of a URL that might have been requested such as 'jul05-95.html'), 
>and it is logging the username incorrectly.
> - ul04-95 [14/Feb/1996:16:29:54 -0500] "GET
/private/archives/summaries.wp/ HTTP/1.0" 200 6807
>  It was the user 'lamothe' that got the file  from this protected area.  
>We need to somehow reliably get the username for HTTP Basic authenticate 
>or we can't launch our service.
>  P.S.  If I can get in better contact with the group, it would be 
>benificial not only to myself, but to the visability of Apache!
>  I have a number of large projects where Apache (and myself) are bidding 
>where Oracle (for the National Capital Freenet, where I head the 
>volunteer team for their movement to the WEB) and Netscape (For a 
>Government of Canada media project) are drooling to give away 
>free copies of their servers and services.  Let's not miss these!  I 
>think it is very important to see Apache (A freely available server with 
>full sources) get into these very strategic organizations!
> Russell McOrmond, Consultant : Flora St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Earth, ...
> Flora Community WEB: <URL:>
Aram W. Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corporation,
Apache httpd server team

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