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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Embedding perl in the HTTP server (fwd)
Date Tue, 26 Mar 1996 00:25:14 GMT
> > I've been looking a bit at Python, on and off --- it's a language with
> > libraries which make it very nearly as capable as Perl "out-of-the-box",
> > has a *much* nicer syntax, and has at least hooks for threading; it
> > also has licensing terms which are (I believe) compatible with ours.
> 	Perl is GPLed? What implication does this have on the perl
> module? I'm not very familiar with GPL.
> 	(Wish I knew perl5 =( )

Last I knew, Perl is *not* under the GPL. It is under the "Perl Artistic
License" which as I remember is a lot like Berkeley style.

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