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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Apache as a secure server?
Date Mon, 25 Mar 1996 19:32:43 GMT
	grrrr 'secure server'. 

	grr grrr grr. 

	Apache security is not a function of SSL. It is a function of
whether or not the server has any SECURITY HOLES in it. Apache (or
Apache-SSL) is not "secure" until someone goes over the code with a
fine toothed comb and proves it secure. (This might actually happen,
if my friends doing security consulting for banks evaluate the apache
security to that level of intensity.)


	rant and growl-mode off.

> Earlier on I heard talk about Apache-SSL (and all the other names that 
> were suggested), however I've heard nothing since on when Apache was 
> going to be secure (if ever).  Any news?  Any rumblings?  Anything I've 
> missed?  Is it already and I'm too stupid to know it?  :)
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