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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Embedding perl in the HTTP server (fwd)
Date Mon, 25 Mar 1996 19:24:04 GMT
> Not detracting from this (it does indeed look interesting) - but don't forget
> we have been approached by (some company whose name eludes me right now) with
> a similar concept, only it supports _all_ the shells. They call it FastCGI.
> Hmmm ... come to think of it, its possible that they didn't talk to the whole
> list, but they are certainly talking to me as a member of the Apache Group. The
> idea is that we'll have something to play with "soon".

	Yes, they contacted me as well. Unfortunately I haven't had
time to play with it. They said stuff about an apache module being in
	OpenMarket is the company.

	I think that FastCGI and perl-module are seperate things, with
their seperate benefits.

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