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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Sioux (good grief...)
Date Mon, 25 Mar 1996 04:33:49 GMT
  No source, no licence... directly permitted by *our* license.  If you really want to see the
source to other people's derivative works (commercial or otherwise), then
perhaps we should be going GPL.

  ... and questionable attribution.

Hmmm... perhaps we saw different announcements.  The one that showed
up here stated explicitly that it was "based on the Apache web
server", and went on to thank us for our wonderful work (which they
do hope to make money on --- but again, if you object to that sort of
thing, then you just don't like the Berkeley license).

(Hmmm... just dug up the article.  The last paragraph reads:

  Sioux is based on the well-tested Apache web server. Thawte Consulting
  extends its thanks to the team which produced such a high-quality code
  base and clean design for Apache.  Sioux also makes use of the
  cryptographic library known as SSLeay for which we thank Eric Young and
  Tim Hudson.

Featuring this acknowledgment any more prominently might verge on the
sort of commercial use which our license forbids.  As to the text,
it may be that the wording is *slightly* different from what appears
in our own legalese, but we'd look pretty foolish trying to contest
the point).


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