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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: -Wall
Date Sun, 24 Mar 1996 22:35:21 GMT
> I agree with all of your reasons for having -Wall on during *development*.
> I wouldn't write code any other way.  However, it does require hacks like
> -DSUNOS_LIB_PROTOTYPES (which you need to shut up -Wall under SunOS, but
> doesn't work with GNU libc) in order to get a quiet compilation; failing
> that, you get all sorts of bogus complaints.  You and I could perhaps
> learn to ignore them, but they can wind up looking awfully frightening
> to J. Random Luser who just downloaded the thing off the Net.
> So, my practice is to develop with -Wall on; in fact, every build taht
> I ever produced when I was building them myself was -Wall clean, and 
> didn't go out if it wasn't, and I'm rather distressed to see code get
> committed which doesn't.  
> It seems we only disagree on whether -Wall should be enabled (and
> "missing prototypes" supplied) in public distributions...
> rst

Catching up...

WRT -Wall. I know that at release of 1.0.0, SunOS, BSDI and NetBSD
were clean. Some warnings have crept in lately since things are
moving quite quickly and I have not had time to keep up with
changes due to workload. As rst has pointed out, SunOS *does*
require the SUNOS_LIB_PROTOTYPES define.

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