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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Cron <ben@taz> /export/home/ben/bin/taritup (fwd)
Date Sat, 23 Mar 1996 15:29:06 GMT
In reply to Jim Jagielski who said
> It looks like they were moved from cgi-bin, to cgi-src, which makes
> sense. Assuming that the move was done correctly (cvs remove / cvs add /
> cvs commit), it looks like CVS doesn't actually 'rm' the files but instead
> tell you that they aren't "pertinent" anymore. Non-intuitive, but safe
> I guess.

It looks like someone has just moved the files by hand. akosut (Is that
Alexei) is listed in the log, what exactly did you do? I need to know
before I fix this. I'm granting an amnesty for all previous offences so
if you've done anything like this tell me now.

Ok, fair warning, if *ANYONE* touches *ANYTHING* in /home/cvs then they
will *IMMEDIATELY* lose all cvs access.

You can't just go moving things around or editing files in the repository,
it must only be accessed through cvs commands. The repository is currently
broken (though it doesn't look too serious).

The not pertinent message means that the file no longer exists in the
repository, which isn't something that you would expect to happen.

I took a quick look at the cron script while I was at it, two comments;

1) Use the user cvs for inserting cron jobs so you're not the only one
   with access to it.

2) You need to use 'cvs update -Pd' to handle directories properly.

  Paul Richards, Originative Solutions Ltd.
  Phone: 0370 462071 (Mobile), +44 1225 447500 (work)

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