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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: More compiler warnings
Date Sat, 23 Mar 1996 14:55:00 GMT
In reply to who said
> And in the NOTES section I have:
>      Host  names  are  limited  to   MAXHOSTNAMELEN   characters,
>      currently 256.  (See the <sys/param.h> header.)
> Under SunOS I agree, gethostname() is in the bsd compatibility section,
> but that is not so under Solaris.

Solaris is not the operating system, you're getting your terms mixed up.

What does uname -a say for your system? I don't have access to the Sun
box from home but mine was definately SunOS 5.5. If I was to guess from
you man page I'd say it was a BSD based system or possibly an early
SYSV release where BSD might still have been a core part of the OS (I never
used an early SYSV SunOS).

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