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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src CHANGES
Date Fri, 22 Mar 1996 16:04:35 GMT
In reply to Alexei Kosut who said
> akosut      96/03/21 21:42:52
>   Modified:    src       CHANGES
>   Log:
>   Added CHANGES entries for a bunch of the things I've commited. Note that I
>   still think these should be created automatically. Not only do people forget,
>   some of them are just plain wrong, because, for example, Jim's change
>   (which I removed the entry for) to translate_userdir() was undone and
>   fixed by me and Ben, respectively, but reading the CHANGES file, no
>   one would know that.

Umm another rule to add to the guidelines.

CVS commit logs are not the place to gripe about project issues! You wouldn't
add a comment like that to the CHANGES file would you so why say it in a
commit log.

*DON'T* get into the habit of using the cvs commit log as a way of
communicating to the rest of the group. new-httpd is still where that should
take place and we don't want people to see discussions like these when they
read the sources.

PS. Can we add a reply-to header to the apache-cvs headers so we don't always
have to remember to change the To line when replying to cvs mail.

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