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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Zeus (YAIATFWS)
Date Tue, 19 Mar 1996 22:09:08 GMT
In reply to Brian Behlendorf who said
> On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, Mark J Cox wrote:
> > Some of the features and implementation look vaguely Apache-esque :)
> A chunk of that may be due to us - somehow Zeus is tied in with Obsolete, a
> UK company which we do a fair amount of business with due to work on the
> Levi's web site and hosts the UK mirror of the site.  There's been no end 
> to the trials and tribulations of making sure that stuff we write and which 
> works on Apache works as well on Zeus... anyways, the push to support 
> content negotiation came from us, since con-neg actually works today for 
> images with most browsers.

I've been puzzling about where Zeus sit, they're offering leased lines at
roughly Demon costs and using a very similar infrastructure and their
secondary DNS is done by Demon, so I kinda assumed they were using Demon
for their own connectivity and reselling similar services. Then I did
a traceroute to try and find out why their server-push was so fast and
it ended at Obsolete which is hanging off Pipex (which is why server-push was
so fast since we're on Pipex too and they're only a couple of hops away).

Hmm, so are they currently hosted at Obsolete ? I'd expect a company selling
connectivity to use the service they're selling themselves. Anyone got
any info on them?

> 	Brian, who can't wait for the Zeus browser...

I'm quite intrigued too.

> "Asynchronous in-process DNS lookup allows the server to resolve client
> host-names without forking. We also handle contacting the name-server
> ourselves in a manner that is much more streamlined than using
> gethostbyaddr() system calls."

Incorporating caching DNS servers into Web products seems to be a new
trend.  I'm pretty certain Mozilla does it too since it bypasses
FreeBSD's host lookup configuration which is damn annoying when your
modem's down and the address is in /etc/hosts. It wouldn't be very hard to
do this for Apache if we really wanted to.

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