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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Zeus (YAIATFWS)
Date Tue, 19 Mar 1996 17:11:34 GMT
  You can have multiple-threads in a single process. I couldn't find the
  second reference and I don't know if it's a multi-threaded server but their
  claims may not be in conflict if that is the case.

They have two claims: 1) that they have a "single-process model" ---
at which point they massively denigrate servers which require multiple-
process pools; 2) that the optimal configuration involves multiple
processes.  These claims plainly conflict with each other.  Yes, the
processes are threaded either way.  That is not at issue, and has
nothing whatever to do with the conflicting claims.

  Are you saying the benchmark relies on access checks at each level and that
  they do that very well while Apache doesn't?

Their benchmark has nothing to do with access checks per se.  Apache
does them at every level anyway, in its default configuration.  My suggested
alteration to the benchmark config files would turn that off.  I don't
know whether Zeus does or doesn't --- if it doesn't, that probably accounts
for the bulk of the difference.


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