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From sameer <>
Subject Re: PR & 1.1b1
Date Tue, 19 Mar 1996 00:49:34 GMT
	Like i said in my other mail, i agree with waiting until 1.1
is out for real.
	just want to restate that when the time comes i'll volunteer
to write said release, and take flack for screwing up a few times
before said release comes out perfect.

> Finally, I know the SSL support issue is rather political at the 
> moment... I hope we can put down our guns and see things from other 
> people's perspectives for a bit, and perhaps try and think of the best 
> way to solve this from a technological perspective.  All I know is having 
> Sameer, Ben, and others maintain parallel dispartate code trees is not an 
> ideal situation - is the protocol API we had discussed still a 
> possibility?

	I believe that Ben had some ideas about a protocol API he was
working on-- how is that progressing? Perhaps he should post his ideas?

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