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Subject Re: PR & 1.1b1
Date Sun, 17 Mar 1996 23:08:45 GMT
	obviously some people don't want to waste any time on PR, so
they shouldn't.  I think that PR is helpful because greater usage
means more people writing 3rd party applications for it, 3rd party
modules, etc., which ends up benefitting everyone.
	and the people who don't want to spend time on pr won't spend
time on pr, and devote their energies to developing the thing. I love
writing code, but my primary skill these days does not lie in the
writing of code, but in getting secure and private systems deployed
widely. I figure that although I'm no master marketing/PR person, but
I think that given that I'm no master coder, my time for the apache
group might better be spent doing the PR stuff, rather than writing
code which could very well be written better by someone else.

	If the consensus of the group is that they don't want me
working on pr, then I will not help with pr for apache. If the
consensus is otherwise, then i'd of course like input on the stuff i
write if I'm going to do pr, because i obviously don't want to
misrepresent people.

>  About this PR stuff: I'd hate to spend/waste any time on it; but I
> do think it would be good to do... it might enable some of us to
> devote more time on the project, as upper management does like those
> things.  Dw.

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