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Subject PR & 1.1b1
Date Sun, 17 Mar 1996 06:05:57 GMT
	I am in serious netscape-competition mode lately. Strange,
considering that my business is primarily anonymity and privacy
services, not webservers. sigh. anyway, I think we need to conjure up
massive publicity if we are going to stay number one. Netscape is
putting banners ads on all the heavily hit sites. I've drafted a draft
press release which we can send out when 1.1b1 is publically
released. Let me know what you think.

-Sameer Parekh
-Slimy PR-type ;-)


INTERNET - [PUT DATE HERE] - The Apache Group today announced the beta
release of version 1.1 of their popular webserver, Apache. This
release incorporates the many features which were onhold while the
Apache Group underwent a long stabilization release cycle for their
current most stable version of the server, 1.0.3.

The 1.1b1 release of the server incorporates a caching proxy, portions
of the proposed HTTP/1.1 standard such as persistent "Keep-Alive"
connections, customization environment variables, metafile support,
greater configurability, and mSQL support, as some of the more
significant improvements in the latest release.

Apache and its derivatives are the most popular web servers on the
net, and the fastest growing. The latest Netcraft survey, the most
comprehensive market survey of webservers on the net, found that
Apache and its derivatives owned a 28% marketshare as of March 2nd,
making it more used than any other webserver on the market.

"Apache has achived this through the sheer pace of its development; it
has been consistently the fastest moving target throughout the period
with a succession of new releases delivering new functionality and
performance increases." said Mike Prettejohn, Director at Netcraft

Sameer Parekh, President of Community ConneXion, Inc., commented on
the Apache server's suitability for high-security applications, "Time
and time again have security events on the Internet shown the
importance of available source code for the deployment of secure
Internet and Intranet applications. Apache is an excellent example of
the kind of product which is suitable for high security applications,
given the fact that the source is fully available, for free."
Community ConneXion's product, Stronghold, based on Apache, was the
first commercial SSL-capable webserver with full source available.

[ Insert here various other quotes by Kewl Apache People ;-]

The Apache Group is a consortium of web developers and web companies
dedicated to the development of a freely available, high-quality
webserver for deployment throughout the World-Wide-Web. Information
about Apache is available from the Apache Server, at

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-601-9777x3
Community ConneXion, Inc.			FAX:     510-601-9734
The Internet Privacy Provider			Dialin:  510-658-6376 (or login as "guest")

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