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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: CVS Read-Only Solution
Date Thu, 14 Mar 1996 12:16:27 GMT
> Here, Here.  I myself make frequent alterations to apache for our own
> uses, some of which I submit to be considered by this group.  Naturaly,
> I prefer to work on reasonably current code and things like the recent
> API change are of great concern to me as they affect my projects and the
> bits of code I have that could be contributed.  Not being able to see
> the current state of the code only delays possible contributions.
> Being able to at least access the CVS repository would be very helpfull.
> I know I am not really part of the core development team and I don't
> expect to be given commit priviledges, but I think that those of us who
> are less active could still make positive contributions if we had access
> to up to date code.

I'm not going to rush to find solutions to this problem.  I see no reason for
non-developers to have access to cvs in any form at the moment.  It's my long
term aim to make cvs widely available but that's a frill and not a necessity
unless you're a developer.

It is however, absolutely essential that non-developers get access to the
sources, as they always have.  I've now made diffs available in the mailing list
(keep nagging me and I can be won round) and with a little extra work I may be
able to dump it into a patch file for people to ftp.  This is what you had

I tried porting sup last night, not such an easy job, it's very BSD based and
will take a little while to port to the Solaris box I now have to use
every day. It's likely others will face the same porting job for HP, AIX etc.
I still strongly recommend it, any volunteers? Anyone used this before and
know of a more portable src base, the CMU sources I grabbed are a mess.

I'll look at ctm probably next week. I still need to setup cron jobs too.
Hmm, I can probably do this from a cvs crontab if the place I put the
sources is writable.

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