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From Paul Richards <>
Subject CVS diffs
Date Thu, 14 Mar 1996 00:43:05 GMT
Well, you probably noticed lots of cvs mail from me, I hope I've now got
a mechanism working where the patch appears in the cvs mailing message.

Someone needs to make a decent sized commit across a lot of files so I can be
sure this is working but it seems to be. There's no size checking or anything
done so in principle these mail messages could get quite big.

I noticed when I was trawling through the code that there is already a
mechanism that appends log messages to a CHANGES file so if people really do
want every log message to go to a CHANGES file then it's trivial to do. It's
not on by default, most likely for the reasons I'm against it. The CHANGES
file would look pretty silly if all the logs from me testing the patch code
had gone in it. I think manually adding significant changes to the file is
a better idea.

Hmm, maybe we could check for a CHANGES: keyword in the commit log so people
can automatically update the CHANGES file as they choose to from the commit

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