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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: CVS Read-Only Solution
Date Wed, 13 Mar 1996 20:37:16 GMT
> I don't think the ftp snapshot idea is as useful.  I watch the cvs commit
> messages on the mailing list and I often see something which may or may
> not affect my module development.  I'd like to be able to request individual
> patches.  Trying to hunt down changes from an ftp snapshot based on the
> rather sparse info sent to the commit mailing list would be a nightmare.

ok, so the problem is that non-core developers want acces to cvs, a reasonable
request and that Brian doesn't want to give accounts to anyone who just wants
to look at Apache sources.

The solution is just to make the cvs repository available using other means.
I'll look at this *NOW* and let people know about things in a bit.

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