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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: CVS Read-Only Solution
Date Wed, 13 Mar 1996 20:22:31 GMT
> > Is this using a "real" server deamon? We don't run one at the moment and
> > I haven't looked at that at all.
> Actually, we do. This is how I run remote CVS ...

Oh yeah. I forgot you'd done that socks stuff.

> But it seems that with the current set up you _have_ to have commit privs in
> order to be able to get Apache at all. This (I think) is only because 
> are logged. Is there any reason for this? If we _really_ must have it, can we
> log checkouts in a seperate world-writeable file?

You have to be in the cvs group to use cvs and that is what's currently holding
some people up.  Commit access is controlled by the avail file in CVSROOT and
is only checked when you try and actually commit something.

> On the other hand, I really must (belatedly) agree that CVS is not a very good
> way to let every T,D and H keep up to date with Apache. It would be nice for
> selected people to have read access, tho.

I'd be quite happy with that and is more or less what I said, anyone who
has a hyperreal account can have cvs read-only access. They just need to be
added to the cvs group.

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