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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: let's see the patches
Date Wed, 13 Mar 1996 14:19:36 GMT
> I do not have an account on Hyperreal, but would love to be able to
> get up-to-date snapshots of the current development tree as I am
> currently up to my neck in writing PHP as an Apache module.  The various
> "Slight Change to the API" messages I have been seeing makes me a tad
> nervous and I would find it extremely valuable to see and test these
> "slight" changes for myself.  
> Read-only CVS access would be best for me as it would allow me to look at
> individual patches specifically.  Could this not be set up by using the
> CVS password server and telling people to use:
> cvs -d checkout apache
> and providing them with the CVS password for user nobody (not a login pw)
> You would need to run the cvspserver on port 2401 for this.

I've been against this for two main reasons,

1) There's no way of knowing who the remote user is. No matter how safe you
   might thing the set upis  I can almost guarantee that something will go wrong
   and you'll want to know who it was to track down the problem.

2) It's free access to anyone with no control whatsoever as to who gets access 
or how many there are and that might put a severe load on the system.

I'm more in favour of granting read-only access to those people who request
it by giving them accounts on hyperreal but not giving them commit privs. This
keeps us in control of who can use that resource. Note, I'm not trying to
restrict access to the sources, I'm trying to keep control over who can
use cvs on hyperreal, which is a separate issue. The developers aren't going
to be happy if cvs access gets to be *really* slow because of all the users
doing src updates using it.

I still stand by my belief that cvs is not the way to distribute sources. Sup
and ctm are the correct tools, basic ftp is a perfectly acceptable short term
solution and is what was used up until now.

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