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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: let's see the patches
Date Wed, 13 Mar 1996 13:02:39 GMT
> In other words, the values I have setup for the above are right for my
> system here, so that 'cvs' will work correctly locally; it sounds like
> when I do a remote checkout, I need to pass new variables for the hyperreal
> shell...
> -- 
> Jim Jagielski  << >>   |      "That's a Smith & Wesson,

Hmm, a step by step approach to getting this working.

1) Log in to hyperreal and try to use cvs locally. If you can't do this then
   forget about remote access because things are just not right.

2) When cvs is working for you on hyperreal check that rsh (or it's equivalent) 
is ok. i.e. from your local site, make sure that rsh ls or something simple is 
working properly.

3) When you've established that cvs is working for you on hyperreal AND you
can use rsh from your end without problems, *then* try and get remote
cvs working. At this point all you should have to do is set CVSROOT to and it should all work.

If you've been playing around before and have already checed out trees etc.
then find somewhere clean to start again from because the CVSROOT gets stored
in your checked out tree.

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