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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject let's see the patches
Date Tue, 12 Mar 1996 12:05:01 GMT

I'm seeing cvs updates with brief descriptions of what's going on.
Can we please see the diffs at the same time or soon after.

Many of the descriptions are useless without the patch. I dred to
think what crap is going to slip through the net unnoticed because
only a few people have access to view the changes and maybe only
a subset of those people will even bother to look.

Maybe I lost a thread due to my brain overloading or hyperreal's mail
problems... Let's have some simple peer review before making any
changes (no matter how easy they are to undo). Show the group the
patch, when it gets two okay's it can be added - it should also be
dropped into a dir for downloading.

Yes I'm backwards on this cvs thing but that's something you'll have
to live with, I have no time right now to invest in cvs, others will
be in the same boat.


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