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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: stuff
Date Mon, 11 Mar 1996 23:35:43 GMT

1)	I'm getting the apache-bugs traffic cc'd from hyperreal 
2)	/var/mail/bugs now contains new apache-bugs traffic on
	hyperreal!! I dunno why it's not called /var/mail/apache-bugs 
	and I'd prefer the old list name, but *shrug*


Ay. (not officially here for another week)

> Is someone reading the bugs mail?
> last time I looked, only Andy was getting to see the bugs mail.
> Has everyone fallen asleep again?
> What happend to 1.1b ?
> A few people here reported problems with the most recent .tar.gz 
> release. Have they been solved or is there still a possible gotcha
> in that code that requires some hunting down?

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