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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Windoze and KeepAlive
Date Wed, 06 Mar 1996 16:46:31 GMT

> Well, actually ... I got inspired and put a network sniffer on it. It would
> seem that what happens is that Apache shuts the connection, and sends <FIN>,
> which Windows <ACK>s (implying delivery of an EOF to Netscape). However,
> Netscape does not close its end of the connection. It then attempts to use it
> to send the next request (which is actually legal - however, a response to it
> would not be :-), eliciting an <RST> from Apache (or rather Unix), which seems
> to cause Netscape to just sit there forever.
> This is highly uncool behaviour on the part of Netscape. I wonder how we tell
> them about it, coz it really means that a server with KeepAlive switched on
> either must put up with open-forever connections, or else look like crap
> because it appears to hang sometimes. Which means that KeepAlive will be
> switched off, mostly, which is a Bad Thing.
> I suppose that now that our server is the one their browser is most likely to
> talk to they ought to pay a little attention  ;-)

I'd be wary of blaming Netscape for problems on Windows since I've cursed
it many a time and found that Windows was actually the cause after all.
Would you believe that a bug with Netscape mysteriously losing individual
characters from pages turned out to be smartdrive!

I wouldn't feel too comfortable telling Netscape this is their fault unless
I was sure the TCP/IP and Winsock implementation was actually working

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