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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: Survey Results...
Date Tue, 05 Mar 1996 19:50:15 GMT
> I notice that you have Apache-SSL in the survey now - does this mean you can
> now talk SSL?

We *can* talk SSL now (using a hacked version of SSLtelnet) and
have been able to for a couple of months now.  However the survey
only reports 'normal' servers.  We're not looking at :443 for
Server: info.  The question arises of how many of the SSL aware
servers are actually being used in full-on SSL mode.  The simple
answer is that I don't know, but that it'd be trivial to find out...

In the meantime I think I'll modify:

to double-check for SSLness in the future when presented with a
non :80 port number.

> Ben.


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