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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject WWW5 paper on server API [Uh-oh...]
Date Tue, 05 Mar 1996 19:18:18 GMT
About a month and a half ago, papers were due for submission to WWW5.
On the due date, at the combined urgings of a friend in the W3C, and
an Apache group member who had flown out here for a conference, I
tossed together a paper on the design of the current Apache API
(which, as some will recall, was originally the API of my private
Shambhala "garage project").

I didn't have great expectations for this, due to the rush, but to my
surprise, the damn thing got accepted.  (Now to find someone to pay
for the plane ticket ;-).

Revised text is due by March 14, so you all have at least a little
time to suggest changes.  (FWIW, aside from purely editorial quibbles,
the reviewers wanted me to make more explicit comparisons with other
server APIs, which seems like a good idea).  Please do note that (like
the paper says up at the top):

   The purpose of this paper is not so much to describe the API in
   detail, as to explain some of the design decisions which went into it,
   and why things are done the way they are. 

In other words, the thing is not supposed to be, or to substitute for,
proper documentation; it's (at least meant to be) more in the way of a
rationale, or perhaps a rationalization ;-).

At any rate, the paper is up at --- if the server's
acting up on you (as it often does these days; we seem to have
SOMAXCONN trouble), try the alternate server on port 8000.  

>From behind the asbestos shield,

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