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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: apache 1.0.3 / FreeBSD 2.0.5REL / virtualhost stuff (fwd)
Date Mon, 04 Mar 1996 22:59:39 GMT

> > > Now I am setting up the *second* VirtualHost-ed Apache server, it's 
> > > and I'm finding that I CANNOT make the server respond correctly to both of
> > > it's IP addresses.  When I rework things in httpd.conf so that it will
> > > answer to one address, the other address always responds with the fancy
> > > index of the DocumentRoot of the OTHER VirtualHosted server, which is 
> > > on completely different IP addresses!  The older server is running 0.8.14,
> > > and I tried reversing things, getting the 1.0.3 working and that was just
> > > fine, I could hit both document trees no problem.  I started the 0.8.14 
> > > AFTER the 1.0.3 and the behavior was the same, except now I can only 
> > > one of the document trees on the 0.8.14 server.

I just spent some time looking at this and unless I'm missing something
somewhere in the code, as far as I can see, the <Virtualhost> directive
does not set bind_address anywhere and instead leaves it as INADDR_ANY.
That would explain why the virtual hosting servers are getting the requests
in the first place. What happens after that I didn't look into since this
seems pretty bogus to me in the first place and should be fixed i.e. if
you're a virtual host you're not interested in anything but your ip address.

Did I miss the setting of the address somewhere?

This may actually fail in the next version of FreeBSD since allowing more than
one process to bind to the same port and listen with INADDR_ANY is a security
hole that has just been fixed in FreeBSD (at least the requirements have been
tightened up, the uid of the processes have to be the same since a lot of code
is going to break otherwise if this was simply disallowed)

If the above is true, setting BindAddress in <Virtualhost> should fix the

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