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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: apache 1.0.3 / FreeBSD 2.0.5REL / virtualhost stuff (fwd)
Date Mon, 04 Mar 1996 21:42:14 GMT

I think we need the relevant httpd.conf files to see what is being attempted
before tracking down the problem.

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 17:54:51 -0500 (EST)
> From: Mike Gogulski <>
> To:
> Subject: apache 1.0.3 / FreeBSD 2.0.5REL / virtualhost stuff
> Brian,
> Greetings!  All hail the benevolent Hyperreal chieftan!
> Now, with that out of the way... :)
> I've been using Apache now for many months, and I've run into a problem
> that I haven't dealt with before, and I'm up against the wall here...
> I don't know if you're the right guy to mail, so if you can forward this
> if needed, I'd appreciate it.
> Here's the deal:
> 486DX2/80 with 64MB of RAM running FreeBSD 2.0.5-RELEASE.  I've now got
> twenty Apache servers running on it, all under different user IDs so that
> I can maintain security between different customers' servers.  I've got
> one customer already who needed two domain names to be answered to by
> their servers, and I used the VirtualHost stuff to accomplish that and
> it works just fine.
> Now I am setting up the *second* VirtualHost-ed Apache server, it's v1.0.3,
> and I'm finding that I CANNOT make the server respond correctly to both of
> it's IP addresses.  When I rework things in httpd.conf so that it will
> answer to one address, the other address always responds with the fancy
> index of the DocumentRoot of the OTHER VirtualHosted server, which is running
> on completely different IP addresses!  The older server is running 0.8.14,
> and I tried reversing things, getting the 1.0.3 working and that was just
> fine, I could hit both document trees no problem.  I started the 0.8.14 server
> AFTER the 1.0.3 and the behavior was the same, except now I can only access
> one of the document trees on the 0.8.14 server.
> Is this making sense?
> I'm baffled.  FreeBSD should not be forwarding these packets to a web server
> for which they're not destined, and Apache shouldn't be answering them!  Is
> it illegal to run two VirtualHost-ed servers on the same machine?  Has this
> cropped up before?  Is there a fix?  Am I going insane?  Aieee!
> Thanks,
> Peace,
> Mike
> -- 
> Mike Gogulski <syadasti@{{iag,cat}.net,}>, NetAdm
> IAG ALSP FL USA 407{7861145(W),6827327(F),327CATS(H)}

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