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From Andrew <>
Subject BUGSLIST PROBLEM: /etc/aliases for apache-bugs....
Date Sun, 03 Mar 1996 14:32:57 GMT
Hi Brian,

	/etc/aliases sez:


which, to me, reads that *all* the mail is going to aaaaaetc and
no local copy is being saved@hyperreal.  What I hoped for was that
I'd just be cc'd a copy of all the apache-bugs traffic which would
prevent me from having to hit hyperreal and forward-by-hand the
new mail to my home:

    apache-bugs: /var/mail/apache-bugs,

Right now hyperreal isn't saving the messages, so noone *but* me
can read them.  While this arrangement appeals to my conspiratorial
'need to know' nature it sure won't help the openness of the project ;)

Can you fixie?  Or tell me to reRTFM, or something...


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