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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: slight API change
Date Sat, 02 Mar 1996 12:41:34 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> But since this is actually a change to the API, I thought I'd pass it by 
> the list first, see what people thought. I might have missed something, 
> maybe it will mess things up, maybe it's just a bad idea, etc... so, 
> before I commit it to CVS, maybe people could just take a look. Thanks. 
> The patch is:

Okay... I'm really confused now... Now that we've switched over to CVS
does that mean that anyone can add a patch to the present distribution with
absolutely no vote or test to see how it affects anyone else?

I read the above as "I have a patch that I'm gonna fold in to Apache ('commit
to CVS') and even though I don't need to ask the group if that's OK, I'm
gonna this time" Or am I reading into things.

As cumbersome as the old method was, at least people were informed when
there were patches available and were given the opportunity to test and
vote on them before they were committed to the code; Have we stopped this?
Is the only way to obtain news about new patches is by using CVS? Does
one need CVS on their local machine to be a "member in good standing" (i.e.
be able to obtain and submit patches)?

I just have visions of people playing around with the main code with
absolutely no controls over that and poor ignorant me, by not grabbing
the new distribution everyday and recompiling and testing, finding out
that something made the port on my OS cough and die. At least with the
old method I could apply the patch one-at-a-time to see if it worked...

Or maybe I am totally confused about how we (and CVS) are doing this...
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