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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re:
Date Thu, 22 Feb 1996 17:51:00 GMT
>Since RFC 931 was obsoleted by some other RFC a long time ago,
>wouldn't it be appropriate to change the name of that code?
>Just a suggestion...



 Subject: Rewrite rfc931.c as rfc1413.c, conforming to new standard.
          Only lookup RFC 1413 ident for user at the time it is needed, and
          allow the IdentityCheck directive in Directory sections.
 Affects: http_config.c, http_core.h, http_core.c, http_main.c, httpd.h,
          mod_log_common.c, mod_log_config.c, rfc931.c (deleted), rfc1413.h,
          rfc1413.c, util_script.c, Makefile.tmpl
 ChangeLog: Make do_rfc1413 a per-directory core configuration variable.
            Replace all accesses to the connection.remote_logname
            variables to calls to get_remote_logname(). Rewrite rfc931.c as
            rfc1413.c to conform to new standard, avoid stdio and avoid syslog.
 Comments: Allows more control over identity checks; improves server response
           time. Decouples identity checks from finding the virtual host for a
           request. This patch should be applied after 110.buff.patch and


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