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From (David Robinson)
Subject 110.buff.patch
Date Tue, 20 Feb 1996 15:16:00 GMT
  Subject: Use purpose written buffering routines instead of stdio for data I/O
  Affects: Makefile.tmp, buff.c, buff.h, http_main.c, http_protocol.c,
           http_protocol.h, httpd.h, mod_dir.c, mod_imap.c, mod_include.c,
           mod_proxy.c, util.c, util_script.c
  ChangeLog: Use bread() etc instead of fread() for reading/writing to client.

This patch replaces the stdio routines used for read/writing to the client.

The main advantage is that by abstracting the I/O from the socket,
we can add extra code to be executed when data is written, on errors etc.


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