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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: vote update
Date Tue, 13 Feb 1996 16:43:00 GMT
>Just got a chance to look more closely at 97.proxy-03 on my wonderful
>HP-UX which likes nothing (except it happily runs with things that make
>SunOSes very unhappy, witness the mod_actions seg fault of a while back). 
>Anyhow, it's SIGSEGVing again. Which I find odd, because except for the
>what's in patch 102 (which it worked fine with last time), nothing in
>mod_proxy.c has changed. David said he made one other change, maybe this
>is causing it. Or maybe I've just gone crazy. 

The other change was to add #include <utime.h>

>I can't figure out what's causing it, but a gdb "where" on the resulting
>core file gives me (if this is any use to anyone): 
>#0  0x802d3ff8 in kill ()
>#1  0x802b4698 in raise ()
>#2  0x802b4248 in abort ()
>#3  0xc658 in seg_fault () at http_main.c:660
>#4  <signal handler called>
>#5  0x802baf60 in _time ()
>#6  0x24bd0 in http_handler (r=0x40010718, c=0x46464646,
>    url=0x9000 "rmissions deny server access",
>    proxyhost=0x4001c6d8 "@\001\0068", proxyport=0) at mod_proxy.c:2600

Hmm, this looks as though something is overwriting that stack; clearly
0x46464646 is not likely to be a real address, and url and proxyhost
are clearly bad.

I suspect the line it was breaking on is
    cache = c->fp;

I Suggest you try single stepping it with gdb from the start of http_handler
until the stack gets trashed (watch the value of 'c')

Hints: I usually trace a server my setting MinSpareServers to 1 so that
there is only one child, and then attach to it with gdb httpd <pid>


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