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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: problems with 99.bind patch
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 17:47:00 GMT
>So I put up the patched server on our internal servers (which all run on 
>high ports and all use a multiplicity of virtualhosts) and found that 
>imagemaps on virtual hosts were broken.  Diving in, I found that
>the redirect URL, instead of pointing at something like
>ended up pointing at
>I remembered something rather troubling in the 99.bind changelog, which 
>"Change virtual hosts to not inherit their port setting from the main 
>Why is this needed?  True enough, when I put a "Port 3333" in the 
><Virtualhost> around the client having problems, imagemaps worked fine.  
>Can we have a new 99.bind which does not have virtualhost ports go to 0, 
>but instead inherit them from the main server?  If not, I'm afraid I'm 
>going to have to reverse my vote and give it a -1.
>Maybe having a week for this vote isn't such a bad idea after all...

I'm uploading a new patch, 99a.bind.patch.

This allows you to put the port in the <VirtualHost> directive, specifying
which ports this virtual host matches.


will match requests on port 546, whereas


will match requests on any port, but still has the server_rec->port element
set to that of the main server. (I had to invent a server_rec->host_port
element to store the matching port.)

So you should now avoid using the Port directive in virtual host sections.

This patch should also fix the Linux compilation problems.


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