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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: patch - vote
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 12:07:00 GMT
>> >  -1 100b.os_port.patch      I think we should build the next release, and make
>> >                     OS/2 port available as a patch.... I think it's more 
>> >                     the other patches that don't allow OS/2 to patchin/
>> >                     compile cleanly.
>> Garey has been waiting patiently for nearly 6 months now. I think that is
>> long enough. The changes appear to only effect the __EMX__ defined code.
>> I see no reason to keep vetoing these patches.
>Hey, I have no problem with Garey, that's why I'm proposing the build... 
>not the official one, but take a set of patches that everyon agrees one, 
>build a release... let him Patch it up with OS/2... ( which I personally 
>use ) and then do another test on all other platforms... this way we know
>OS/2 stuff is going to work.

Aram, I thought we did that; it was called 1.0.2.
You are arguing to delay the patch untill the next release.
How will your point be any different then? In which case the OS/2 patches
will never be incorporated.

As you say, 'build a release... let him Patch it up with OS/2...'
we've just done that. Apache 1.0.2 exists, Garey has patched it up with
OS/2, and you personally use it. All your critera have been met.

If there is a problem with large patches, then maybe they should be applied
in stages. But I think there is a very strong case for it being the other
patches being delayed, rather than the OS/2 patch.


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